WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? - Official Trailer - Starring Lily James, Emma Thompson, Shazad Latif

Tragically, these moments are few and far between, and the ones we do get are warped into moments of triumph for Zoe, the savior who has made reconciliation possible thanks to her filmmaking. Kaz and his family are more case studies than full-fledged characters like Zoe, and the film suffers for it.


In some respects, the dreariness of the tone is a testament to how effective this concept might’ve worked as a drama—it’s easy to forget it’s meant to be a romantic comedy. Zoe and Kaz are both angsty, self-involved leads who spend most of the film pining and feuding in indecision, not quite right for comic hijinks, but also not passionate or intimate enough to create interesting sparks. James and Latif are both talented, but the tepid script and the film’s bizarre tone crush any possibility of chemistry.

Though it sets out with noble intentions, What’s Love Got to Do With It is inelegant and reductive. It’s a well-meaning but misguided film that ends up playing into the same prejudices and preconceptions its characters are meant to be challenging. The lack of chemistry between its leads and its struggles with pacing and tone render this would-be romcom absent of both “rom” and “com.”


What’s Love Got To Do With It arrives in theaters May 5