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Riley Keough contends with spooky kids in the new trailer for The Lodge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you get a sense of dé vu while watching this new trailer for The Lodge, it’s because you’ve definitely seen a trailer for The Lodge before. Originally scheduled to hit theaters in late 2019, the latest horror effort from Goodnight Mommy filmmaking duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala is finally hitting theaters on February 7. If you’ve seen their previous effort, then you have a decent grasp on the tone and narrative of The Lodge, which stars Riley Keough as a woman whose boyfriend (Richard Armitage) leaves her in a cabin in the middle of snowbound nowhere with his kids when he gets called into work. And if you were watching movies in the early ’90s, then you know that there’s nothing the children of divorced parents hate more than the new boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Lodge made the rounds on the festival circuit last year, where reactions were fairly divisive (wow it’s weird how people have different opinions!). The film feels like a remake of the Olsen Twins classic It Takes Two through the lens of The Shining—it’s awesomely unnerving. And while viewers may guess where the film is headed from the first frame (or even from this trailer), it’s handsomely-executed and quite compelling. Oh, and Alicia Silverstone has a wild-ass cameo. Do not miss.