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Whereas the first look at this summer’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes cast the imminent primate uprising as the inevitable result of man’s hubris—specifically, that of smirking super-scientist James Franco—the full trailer provides a surprisingly more sympathetic argument. Much of it comes off like an even darker twist on recent Sundance hit Project Nim, with Franco raising his adorable baby chimpanzee Caesar just like a human child, only to have him shuttled off to a zoo, where his higher brain functions and fancy sweaters make him an immediate outcast. So Caesar does what any super-intelligent ape would if they had access to magical gas: He makes like Lancelot Link and starts an “evolution revolution.” We already knew that the Planet Of The Apes was born out of anger; what we often forget is that anger is born out of love. Yes, it seems we can all learn something from this movie.


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