That casting makes slightly more sense now that we’ve seen this trailer, which is pretty explicit about the fact that this will be a heightened comedy version of Yankovic’s life, rather than the grim and gritty Funny Or Die version that Aaron Paul starred in years ago. Speaking of, that video was called “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” which is the same title that Roku is actually going with, and save for a subplot about an alcoholic Yankovic getting arrested and his dad being played by Gary Cole, the two trailers are weirdly similar. (Weirdly, get it?)


Of course, that’s because they’re both working in the same biopic parody space, so it’ll be interesting to see these jokes stretched out into a feature-length film. Weird will be available to stream on the Roku Channel this fall, giving those of us with an Apple TV or a Fire Stick or regular cable a few months to figure out how to get the Roku Channel.