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Today Adult Swim announced their very own festival this October, but they did so in a manner slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, with a full new Run The Jewels music video starring Rick And Morty’s titular duo. Directed by Juan Meza-León, it sets the RTJ3 track “Oh Mama” to a typically fantastical trans-dimensional adventure, mostly serving as a showcase for the disparate fantasy art styles the show cycles between. There are Jean Giraud watercolor deserts and super-flat pop-art shoot-outs and all sorts of Mos Eisley creeps, as well as a bona fide psychedelic freak-out midway through. Eventually, the adventurers end up back at the Smith homestead, where Morty is inevitably subjected to some terrors he hadn’t expected. It says something about Run The Jewels’ core chemistry, too, that a track from late 2016 can still get a kick of life from a video like this.

The festival is set to be held in Los Angeles on October 6 and 7, and, while not a lot of details have been shared, it’s set to feature more music, cartoons, games, and other Adult Swim things. Maybe they’ll get MF Doom out of hiding for it.


Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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