RBG documentary subject Ruth Bader Ginsburg held court at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, chatting with NPR’s Nina Totenberg about a range of topics, including the film, the #MeToo movement (and backlash), and of course, Kate McKinnon’s impression of her.

At the behest of the RBG crew, the left-leaning Supreme Court Justice watched a clip of McKinnon’s portrayal of her as an insult comic on Saturday Night Live, complete with oversize spectacles and lace-collared robe. The verdict: Ginsburg rather likes it, especially the part where McKinnon “Gins-burns” various conservative types. “I would like to say “Gins-burn” sometimes to my colleagues,” Ginsburg admits with a smile.


The Ginsburg panel was introduced by Sundance founder Robert Redford, who said the Supreme Court justice would elevate the festival just by being there. The complete interview is below, along with Ginsburg’s thoughts on sexual harassment in her field and others: “Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is though we didn’t have a name for it then.”