Ryan Reynolds and Robert McElhenney: The Puppy Interview

To which the answer was—after a brief digression in which Reynolds feigned offense at never having been asked in the first place—an enthusiastic “Hell yes,” he would. As to what part Reynolds would play, a variety of options end up being presented. Reynolds floated a mere cameo as a drunk at Paddy’s Pub, presumably wasting his days away wrecked on Aviator Gin. McElhenney, meanwhile, went more ambitious, noting that his character Mac, who’s been an out gay man for a few seasons now, “Needs a boyfriend.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Reynolds and McElhenney express their honest opinions about that other soccer-themed streaming show—“Fuck Ted Lasso,” per McElhenney—and Reynolds admits to the very obvious truth that Danny DeVito would have been one hell of a Detective Pikachu. And, of course, if none of that gossip or speculation appeals to you, there’s always the very adorable spectacle of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney playing with a free-floating swarm of puppies, making about a thousand different variations on “D’aww, isn’t he cute?”