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Sarah Silverman is a little conflicted in this trailer for Hulu's I Love You, America

Sarah Silverman’s new talk show for Hulu was originally billed as an attempt to present a “balanced” view of topical issues, with Silverman trying to find common ground with people whose political beliefs she may disagree with, but this musical trailer for the show suggests that she won’t actually be pulling some “both sides are the same” bullshit. The surprisingly lengthy and elaborate musical number begins with Silverman singing about all of the different kinds of Americans she loves, only to later realize that it’s offensive to do so. Then she sings about loving mail carriers, bus drivers, and police officers, only to then recognize that she only loves police officers because she’s white. By the end, her uplifting song has become a mildly angry rant about how she’s only looking out for America’s best interests, but even that gets derailed when she realizes she’s being condescending.


Basically, it seems hard to say what I Love You, America will actually look like, but we’ll have a better idea when it premieres on Hulu on October 12.

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