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Scott Baio's See Dad Run shall run no more

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For years now, Nick At Nite has been a safe haven for viewers scared off by the rampant violence of modern TV shows like Hannibal and Two Broke Girls. It’s a channel dedicated to the calming comfort of beloved staples like Friends and George Lopez (star of George Lopez), which share a traditional appeal the network also brings to its slate of original programming. Unfortunately, it seems like people aren’t as enamored with new shows that feel just like old shows as they are with seeing that one episode of Full House where Stephanie drives a car into the kitchen for the hundredth time.

Nick At Nite already cancelled one of its original comedies, Wendell & Vinnie (starring iCarly’s Jerry Trainor), and now it’s cutting another—the Scott Baio vehicle See Dad Run. The news comes via Deadline, which says that the show’s third season—which is still in production—will be its last. Nick At Nite will reportedly air See Dad Run’s final episodes later this year, along with an hourlong finale that will hopefully clear up all of the show’s remaining mysteries and give its fans a satisfying ending. The smart money is on Scott Baio waking up in bed next to Erin Moran and telling her about a crazy dream he just had.