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Sean Lennon's Break Up With Bijou Phillips Was Sad, Cinematic

Have you ever wished that albums came with self-important, but really pretty trailers? Well, me neither. Apparently though Sean Lennon did, because here's the trailer for Friendly Fire, an album which is evidently about his break-up with Bijou Phillips, working behind the counter at a roller rink, some kind of Western, and, of course Devon Aoki in a mermaid outfit (though not necessarily in that order).

I haven't heard the album, and, let's face it, I probably never will. But what is this? Why is it happening? Or, to quote the film itself, have you ever looked up [at a trailer for a Sean Lennon album] and wondered what the hell is going on? Kudos to the director for making me not just read that question, but actually experience it, really feel it, somewhat painfully, for two minutes.


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