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Sesame Street goes into the Upside Down in “Sharing Things”

The genius minds behind Sesame Street are known for their exceptional TV and movie parodies, from Star Wars to Mad Men. Given the young age of many of its stars, it’s not surprising that the Netflix hit Stranger Things is the latest pop-culture phenomenon to get the Muppet treatment. Naturally, the scares are tamped down a bit, as the demogorgon is now the Cookiegorgon, a fiendish blue furry beast who refuses to share, devouring all of that delicious Halloween candy for himself.

Fortunately, our favorite D&D crew is hot on his trail, with reasonable Muppet facsimiles of Will and Mike, Grover as “cute adorable child of the ’80s” Lucas, and Ernie as Dustin, complete with rapidly growing pet. The smoke monster turns out to be a giant octopus, and Officer Hopper, naturally, is a bunny. When the gang all ends up at Will’s house, mom Joyce helps the crew convince the Cookiegorgon that sharing is the way to go. He even takes that message back to the Upside Down, where he encounters a long-lost friend that proves that the Sesame Street crew is just as into Stranger Things as the rest of us.


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