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Seth Meyers and Jake Tapper talk DACA, Trump, and other old dicks on Late Night

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After taking time off (and taking his increasingly necessary comic critiques of Donald Trump with him), Seth Meyers returned on Tuesday with another vocal Trump critic who also has been shirking his duties on a beach somewhere while the rest of sweat through our socks at the looming specters of nuclear annihilation, white supremacists running the country, and the impending deportation of 800,000 law-abiding DREAM-ers. (Seriously, there are a lot of looming specters in the world according to Trump.) CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with his similarly well-rested colleague Meyers to reflect upon his position as one of the media figures many people regularly look to for some sort of reassurance that we’re not actually the ones going nuts.

Asked by Meyers if his position as high-profile speaker of truth to power means that worried Americans are constantly stopping him on the street for some comfort, the unflappable Tapper confessed that the question he gets asked most often is a beseeching, “Will we, as a nation, be okay?” He didn’t answer that one, but did offer the assurance that—to pick but one sanity-resetting example—no, it is not normal for a president to mock disabled people. So that’s good to know. As for his colleagues in journalism (or “journalism,” in the case of Tapper foe and Fox News panderer supreme, Sean Hannity, who recently launched a very unsuccessful attempt to get his minions to attack Tapper online), Tapper noted that it’s not the job of media members to show “fealty” to those in power, but to hold them accountable. He pointed out that he was not nearly as popular with people on the left during the eight years he was criticizing President Obama as he is now that there’s a guy in the White House who, Tapper put it delicately, “doesn’t understand” the policies he proposes.

Also, and not in any way a segue on the subject of dicks, he shared an anecdote about the time he slipped a camouflaged penis drawing into his high school yearbook. Which in no way suggests that eagle-eyed viewers of The Lead With Jake Tapper should be on the lookout for the “failed cartoonist”’s Hirschfeld-esque secret dicks drawn into photos of Donald Trump’s religiously tended hair helmet. Jake Tapper—now that he, like Meyers, is back at work, anyway—is a professional, people, even when Trump pulls a total dick move like planning to deport almost a million non-white people based on nothing but cruelty, spite, and racist whim.


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