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Oh, good lord, check out the ears on this kid

Simba, a goat in Pakistan, is less than a month old and has 18-inch ears

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Human with normal-sized ears admires baby goat with extremely long ears.
Human with normal-sized ears admires baby goat with extremely long ears.
Screenshot: Inside Edition

Some will look at the following story—the story of a baby goat with very, very long ears—and feel comfortable smirking to themselves and saying, “Slow news day, huh?” Let us preempt this immediately. The following information is of incredible importance. Nothing, from a meteor strike to a UFO landing outside the White House, matters quite as much as letting the world know that this magnificent creature has been born. Nothing would keep us from sharing images of Simba The Long-Eared Goat.

Seriously. Just look at this guy.

Check Out This Goat’s Enormous Ears

As the above video states, Simba is a baby goat who is noteworthy not just for being, like all goats, instinctually, genetically hilarious, but also for having some of the longest ears a baby goat’s ever had. The kid’s ears have been variably reported as either 46 or 48 centimeters (roughly 18-19 inches) long. Whether or not this discrepancy is due to Simba eating the measuring tape every time it comes near her isn’t known, but we do have further details—like the fact that Simba’s a Nubian goat, was born earlier this month in Karachi, Pakistan, and is kept from accidentally becoming airborne by the efforts of her guardian, Muhammad Hassan Narejo.


Excellent photos of Simba show her strolling in a field, ears majestically blowing in the wind, and posing with her human pal, who smiles with pride as he shows off the absurd earspan his baby goat possesses.

We’ll watch Simba’s continued journey through life with great interest. Will Simba follow in the cloven-hoofprints of the goats that came before her and gather her pals to run amok in nearby cities? Or will she pursue a career in film and television soundtracks? Whatever her choice, we know she’ll do it with style. And some goddamn enormous ears.


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