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Sinister hotel from The Shining gets a non-sinister hedge maze

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember at the end of The Shining, when Danny Torrance runs out of the Overlook Hotel and into the massive hedge maze? Remember how the falling snow lent an additional element of tension, since it meant his father could follow his footprints? Remember Jack Nicholson, waving the axe and bellowing? That was some scary shit, wasn’t it? Well, the Stanley Hotel—a.k.a. the inspiration for the place Stephen King immortalized in his novel—decided it might be a good move to add an actual hedge maze to their location, likely as a tourism boost. And now io9 reports the hedge maze is open, and…well, you can see the results for yourself, above. It doesn’t exactly strike terror into your heart, does it?

The hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado, selected the design for the maze from a contest, with the winner chosen out of 329 entries submitted from 31 countries. Given the available space, it’s a notably smaller maze than in the film, so you’re already starting with less-scary proportions. But just take a look at those hedges. They’re roughly a foot high, on average. It would possibly make for a terrifying scene in which one hedgehog chases another with a little hedgehog axe. (Actually, no, that doesn’t sound terrifying, that sounds adorable.) Sure, years from now, when they’re large, it could make for a fun thing. But this is the internet, where patience is in roughly equal supply to the amount of water Immortan Joe allows everyone in Mad Max: Fury Road. So hurry up and grow those hedges, Stanley Hotel; this axe isn’t going to carry itself through a tall maze, screaming for blood.