No longer encrypted behind teasing teasers, Sam Mendes' James Bond movie now has a full, plot-establishing trailer to go with all those impeccably arranged shots of Daniel Craig coolly adjusting his shirt cuffs while shit explodes. The reductive gist of it all: MI6 screws up, somehow involving YouTube. James Bond sort-of dies. Javier Bardem is blonde and pissed off. Judi Dench is blondish and pissed-off-ish. Ben Whishaw finally brings Q to the series. Ralph Fiennes turns up as a mysterious government agent who, let's face it, is probably also a bad guy. Daniel Craig coolly adjusts his shirt cuffs while shit explodes. All in all, an impressively swaggering reintroduction to cinema's most swaggering character. There's still no explanation for the title Skyfall, of course, leaving us to draw our own conclusions that it's the name of the graphic design company Bardem's character is evilly trying to set up, at any cost. We'll find out if we're right in the skyfall.