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After years of dabbling in meth, Smashed finds Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul finally easing off with a little booze—so, y'know, good for him. And life is pretty much all rock 'n' roll, karaoke, and shower beers until his buzzkill of a schoolteacher wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, decides she wants to try full-on sobriety, just because she's hit an uncomfortable low point after smoking crack, and is now taking stock of how her constant indulgence is affecting her career and their marriage. (It's what they call a moment of clarity, bitch.)

This trailer for the Sundance hit basically mirrors Paul's attitude, ignoring all the bad stuff and leaning surprisingly heavily on the lighter moments for a film our own Nathan Rabin compared to Blue Valentine for its "punishing… unflinching look at a marriage in peril." And Nick Offerman in a goofy sweater vest, the mere appearance of Offerman's wife Megan Mullally, Mary Kay Place's awkward joke about Bloody Marys, and the strummy indie-rock score definitely make this seem more like a quirky comedy. But then, that stuff's probably just to take the edge off. Smashed promises to quit and get serious any time.


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