Well, move over, “Diner Lobster”—“Bodega Bathroom” is the new king of lunatic New York musical comedy numbers. With Davidson reprising his role as the unsuspecting New Yorker whose innocent violation of one of the city’s unspoken rules opens a door to a magical but disreputable secret world, the sketch was another big, brassy, bananas journey through the peeling, filthy looking glass. Incorporating musical influences aplenty (Cats, Rent, Little Shop Of Horrors, Willy Wonka), Mulaney’s owner ushers Davidson and alarmed pal Chris Redd into a truly disgusting mold-crawling oversized bathroom set, complete with glamorous singing cockroaches, Kate McKinnon’s crooning Virgin Mary votive, and Kenan Thompson, this time leading the way as the store’s Wonka-esque bodega cat. Why all the flan? Who is that guy who doesn’t work there and yet sits around watching soccer and smoking all day? What kind of joint stocks cell phone chargers, but only for the iPhone 3? Only the bodega cat knows. Come, let him show you.