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So, that was definitely the X-Force in the Deadpool 2 trailer, right?

Definitely the X-Force. Screenshot: Deadpool 2

The new Deadpool 2 trailer has given fans plenty to talk about. There’s the unveiling of Josh Brolin as the metal-armed, gun-toting Cable, Deadpool’s not-so-subtle jab at Henry Cavill’s poorly edited mustache, and 16-year-old Julian Dennison flipping a double birdie. But the real centerpiece is the shot above, which is almost certainly the X-Force.

The half-second shot occurring at the 1:39 mark shows Deadpool standing on the threshold of some sort of aircraft, flanked by Zazie Beetz as Domino and a small force of well-equipped mercenaries. At first glance, it seems the most important information that can be gleaned from this frame is that one of these new characters is played by none other than Terry Crews. But once fans stopped freaking out about that, they started to suss out identities for the other characters standing in the shadows.


Given that Cable was the X-Force’s original leader and the Deadpool franchise has become some what of a wayward home for non-A-list mutants, the X-Force’s appearance in this film makes sense. But, Deadpool’s penchant for meta-references, breaking the fourth wall, and speaking directly to his own fandom means this X-Force could just be part of some tangential fantasy sequence that ends with Wade Wilson turning to camera and saying, “Is this what you want, assholes?”

Another example of this sort of potentially meaningless winking is the fact that Wade Wilson can be seen at the end of the trailer wearing Chunk’s hawaiian shirt from the movie Goonies:


Though, this could just as easily mean that the Mouth, Data, and the rest of the gang could be joining Josh Brolin for a Goonies reunion at some point in the movie. When it comes to Deadpool, all things are possible.

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