Something From Tiffany’s - Official Trailer | Prime Video

It certainly doesn’t help that Something From Tiffany’s consistently forgets the comedic half of the romantic comedy formula, with many of its jokes falling flat for lack of wit or innovation. It again falls to the actors to carry the weight of this insufficiency, so while Deutch is a motor-mouthed delight, Jeffries is the image of loose-lipped precociousness, and Jojo T. Gibbs plays Rachel’s best friend as a meddling and protective influence, it’s hard not to recognize that their dialogue is in service to predictable story beats devoid of drive or tension.


None of this is to say that Something From Tiffany’s is unwatchable; it’s simply disposable. Clocking in with a sub-90-minute runtime just as the formulaic plot is wringing itself dry, it’s hard to accuse the film of overstaying its welcome or even of being artistically offensive in any way. For those looking to see two attractive people falling in love over a romantic holiday, there are certainly worse, much more incompetently conceived options. But it also seems unlikely that this will enter anyone’s consistent holiday rotation, likely doomed instead to the bowels of Amazon Prime Video and forgotten by January.