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Spin Doctors singer: Do not misspell "Bidibidip bidipdiptididip bidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibidibi"

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In 1991, a New York City four-piece called Spin Doctors released “Two Princes,” a hit single that not only glommed onto every surface it touched but also served to create an audial representation of the early ‘90s that only a few other songs could. Frontman Chris Barron’s slack-singing verses give way to soaring “yeahs” and frenzied scats as an irresistible strain of funky distortion jangled underneath; truly, no other song better sums up an era remembered for its naivety, simple pleasures, and lack of cohesive style. The masses may groan when it comes around at karaoke, but they’ll be singing along in no time.

And though the majority of music fans will only recall Spin Doctors when rewatching So I Married An Axe Murder, the band’s members are still making an impact, whether it’s touring as Spin Doctors, releasing their own albums, or charming old fans on Twitter. Barron, especially, has proven himself a delight on the platform, regularly chatting with fans and occasionally replying to two-year old tweets.


In August of 2015, Twitter user @tarashoe tweeted out the following (very funny) bit:

On Sunday night, after a casual search for mentions of his old band, presumably, Barron discovered the post and offered up a crucial correction.


But while Barron has proven himself a good sport regarding jabs at his first slice of fame, he’d rather you not confuse him with his contemporaries.


We can confirm: Barron’s Twitter, much like his music, is much more interesting than Darius Rucker’s.

Let’s revisit the song that started it all:

Still rips.


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