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Spot The Fake Interpol Lyrics!

I like Interpol's music a lot; both the band's debut album Turn On The Bright Lights and 2004's Antics were among my favorites of their respective years, and when the MP3 player hits "C'Mere" or "PDA," the skip button is rarely exercised. When haters hate on Interpol (pardon the colloquialism, genteel readers), they tend to shred Paul Banks' lyrics–sometimes for good reason. (This is, after all, the guy who sang, "Her love's a pony.")

With a new album on the horizon (Our Love To Admire comes out July 10), I thought it might be a fine time to have some Interpol fun. With apologies to the band, I offer you 15 Interpol lyrics–10 real from the upcoming disc and 5 I just made up. Answers will be posted below.

Far be it from me to dictate how to use the Comments section–that area belongs to you–but if you feel like sharing your score (and perhaps some Interpol-like lyrics of your own), that might be a better forum than, say, screaming them into an open field.

1. "Show me the dirt pile and I will pray / That the soul can take / Three stowaways"
2. "Heaven launched beauty into my quagmire / And I'm fine"
3. "But it's that sleaze in a park / You women you have no self control"
4. "If it's still pretty what with all these leaves / We'll be fine / And supervised"
5. "You're a fox / But not the foxy kind"
6. "You wear those shoes like a dove"
7. "There are seven ancient pawn shops along the road / And the seven aching daddies you may want to know"
8. "Mary went shopping / To find some supplies / But she burned / And overturned"
9. "My lioness, your defenses seem wise"
10. "You see I've got this soul / It's all fired up, this soul"
11. "You look so young / Like a daisy in my lazy eye"
12. "Freeze yourself in the manic sun / There's no question I'm relentless with everyone"
13. "Tearing through the love that we made / I knit a sweater from the sweat and the tears you gave"
14. "Nobody told you / That I could just waltz through and shake up your style"
15. "I live my life in cocaine / Just some rage and three kinds of yes"

ANSWERS Real: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15
Fake: 2, 5, 8, 12, 13