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Star Trek Into Darkness

The first teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness sparked more questions than it answered, what with its focus on Benedict Cumberbatch, his vague desires for vengeance, and his villainous refusal to say, "Hello, yes, I'll be playing Khan in this movie. Should be a pip!" But here's a second teaser to address some of those questions, with the answer being bwaaaaaamp. Yes, it's still a flurry of disjointed action shots culminating in that same Wrath Of Khan-referencing scene without any other confirmation of who, exactly, Cumberbatch is, besides his professed character name of "John Harrison" that is almost assuredly a smokescreen. But, whatever. The effects remain impressive, the new narration from Bruce Greenwood's Captain Pike adds a proper note of solemnity to the implication that Kirk is gonna get somebody killed, and then at the end, if you listen really closely, one of the Inception horns says, "BwaaaaaaCumberbwaaaampisplayingKhaaaan." So, that's settled then.


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