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Stephen Colbert breaks out the rum for a wild, shoeless interview with Jennifer Lawrence

Earlier today, Patton Oswalt offered some breathless hype for a segment on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show from backstage, saying it was “incredible” and that he was “stunned” by it. After some very basic detective work, everybody figured out he was referring to Colbert’s interview with Jennifer Lawrence, who was there to promote Red Sparrow. Or at least that’s why she was supposed to be there. Her chat with Colbert quickly went off the rails, but in such a good way that both she and Colbert seemed to be having a total blast.

It all started with Colbert ducking behind his desk to break out a bottle of rum, and after touching on Lawrence’s new intention to help young people become more engaged with politics—which is apparently very intimidating because young people are really smart these days—the discussion eventually moved on to Amy Schumer’s recent wedding and how Lawrence blew off a heartfelt, meaningful conversation with Schumer at the event so she could do some “one-sided” flirting with Larry David. Also, they both took their shoes off at one point.

Colbert and Lawrence continued drinking into the next segment, which involved Lawrence explaining the surprising emphasis that spy training puts on watching the movie Spy Kids and, again, a fair amount of rum. Vicious political takedowns are fun and cathartic, and Colbert certainly had plenty of them tonight, but this freewheeling, ultra-wacky nonsense is the kind of refresher we could all use from time to time. Maybe Colbert should crack open the rum more often?