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Steve Bannon is already back at Breitbart

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Like some sort of sludge-ridden swallow, returning to his private, shitty Capistrano, recently ousted White House adviser Steve Bannon wasted no time in returning to his throne at Breitbart today. Bannon—who has claimed that his firing today by Donald Trump was his own decision, made weeks in advance—reportedly took back up his post as executive chairman at the right-wing news site’s evening editorial meeting tonight.


Breitbart itself treated the news as a triumph, calling Bannon a “populist hero” and posting a piece stating that it’s “gained an executive chairman with his finger on the pulse of the Trump agenda” (and not, say, a leering, racist demon, once again crouched atop its chest). Various company executives expressed their excitement at having the would-be evil mastermind fired back into their lives, with company president Larry Solov expressing the idea that “the sky is the limit” now that the renowned alleged autofellator has returned.

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