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Steven Soderbergh shows off world's greatest cast in No Sudden Move trailer

No Sudden Move poster
No Sudden Move poster
Image: Warner Media

We all love it when Steven Soderbergh does a heist movie. It’s a verifiable fact that it’s one of everyone’s favorite things. Ask any person on the street what their favorite thing is and say “no another thing” a bunch of times; eventually, they’ll say “Steven Soderbergh heist movie.” They’d be right, too, because no one does it better than ol’ Sodie Pop, which is what everyone is calling Steven Soderbergh now.


Soderbergh’s latest caper, No Sudden Move, reunites the director with his Ocean’s Eleven star Don Cheadle and moves the action to 1955, where a band of small-time thieves botch a heist and get stuck picking up the pieces. Moreover, the movie has the year’s best cast. In addition to Cheadle, Soderbergh’s stacked the credits with Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Ray Liotta, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin, Amy Seimetz, and Julia Fox. And, yes, they’re all going to be wearing period-specific clothing and framed within Soderbergh’s amber-tinted rooms and fly-on-the-wall camera angles. It just looks like, well, everything you want to see when you see a movie.

Here’s how Warners pitches it:

Set in 1954 Detroit, No Sudden Move centers on a group of small-time criminals who are hired to steal what they think is a simple document. When their plan goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them – and for what ultimate purpose – weaves them through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city.

Yeah, ok. I’d watch that.

Over the last few decades, we’ve been lucky enough to get quite a few heists from Sodie Pop (again, that’s what everyone is calling him now—that’s just the way it is). In addition to the three Ocean’s Eleven movies, we also got a little Logan Lucky, and, of course, Let Them All Talk, which is a gossip heist (duh). Like Let Them All Talk, No Sudden Move is an HBO Max exclusive—though, we’re hoping that this one gets a theatrical release because a cast this huge deserves a screen to match.

No Sudden Move makes its move to HBO (see that?) on July 1.