If you've never read Seiichi Hayashi, pick up Drawn & Quarterly's Red Colored Elegy  


Red Colored Elegy (Drawn & Quarterly) is the longest sustained narrative produced by author Seiichi Hayashi, a cartoonist most recognized (when he‚Äôs recognized at all) for his opaque and elliptical short stories. His work tends to concern the interior lives of angsty young adults‚ÄĒmost of them suffering from oppressive‚Ķ

Competing narratives paint a tale of complex bodies in The Lie And How We Told It


In comics, bodies can contort and shift and slide in every way imaginable‚ÄĒchanging in size, proportion, color, or detail, from panel to panel, without losing a sense of continuity between them. Gender and sexuality also communicate something to others that changes based on context. In comics, that context can change‚Ķ