New comic Misfit City evokes classic Saturday morning cartoons and '80s movies


The relatively recent boom of comics focusing on female friendship and adventures is filling shelves with a type of story thatā€™s previously been relegated to YA. Itā€™s hard to understate the influence that Raina Telgemeierā€™s success has had on the comic book industry, but just a few years ago the launch of Lumberjanesā€¦

This Sorcerers Supreme exclusive goes widescreen for the bookā€™s grand finale

Marvelā€™s Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme has consistently experimented with visual storytelling, making it one of the most imaginative superhero comics of the past year. The main art team of penciler Javier Rodriguez, inker Ɓlvaro LĆ³pez, and colorist Jordie Bellaire took advantage of the bookā€™s magicalā€¦