A heartbreaking Legion presents a David who wishes he were anywhere but here

Flash back to David, right before he’s admitted to Clockworks, not realizing just how long he’s about to spend inside those walls. “It’s wasn’t supposed to be like this.” And right there next to him is Amy Haller, her eyes fighting back the tears that are about to well up. “I know,” she says. “But it is.”

Aubrey Plaza comes clean about Legion and her Neanderthal heritage on Late Night

On Thursday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, Legion star Aubrey Plaza had a very April Ludgate-esque answer to host Meyers’ request for a rundown of just what the hell is going on on the show that our reviewer calls “weird and wondrous.” Others might claim to be baffled and lost in this trippiest outpost of the Marvel…

The A.V. Club offers multiple perspectives on Legion as the show splinters into multiple timelines

There are so many A.V. Club staffers watching and discussing Legion that we’ve decided to add weekly roundtables to our coverage of season two. Consider them a complement to Alex McLevy’s recaps, expanding the conversation about a show that can always accommodate multiple interpretations and multiple perspectives.


Here’s what you need to remember before watching the new season of Legion

One of The A.V. Club’s favorite shows of 2017, Legion, returns to FX next week for a second season of mind-bending storytelling, and hopefully some answers to our burning questions. Was David’s thrilling escape—and subsequent abduction—really all in our heads, as a new teaser suggests? Is Summerland really entering…

Aubrey Plaza psychoanalyzes you in the new teaser for season 2 of Legion 

“It was all a dream” is a common trope in fiction, with characters discovering that everything they thought they experienced was all an illusion, but it’s rare that the “it was all a dream” twist actually applies to you—i.e., the person reading the book or watching the movie. That’s what this new teaser for season two…