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Television Without Pity has new owners and a relaunch in the works

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Spare the snark, spoil the network” is an adage we worried would be lost to the sands of time and season premieres after Television Without Pity was shut down in 2014 by NBCUniversal. But recent rumblings have given fans of weecaps reason to hope for a return of the pop-culture publication. The site, which was shuttered two years ago, was recently updated with a new copyright date (2015) and owner, Tribune Media. The A.V. Club reached out to the media conglomerate about this cryptic activity, and received a heartening response. Josh Cogwell, Chief Product Officer for Tribune Media, confirms a relaunch is officially in the works:

“Television Without Pity was once one of the best destinations for TV commentary. An overwhelming number of fans—including us—were saddened that it shut down. So we bought it and are now working with some of the industry’s favorite talent, influencers and strategic partners on a relaunch. We can’t share anything more at this time, but to all fans past and present: Stay tuned.”

The TV recap site began with ponderings of the ponderous Dawson’s Creek under the original moniker Dawson’s Wrap, but coverage eventually included reality series like Survivor and the Real World/Road Rules franchise. With a devilish mascot (Tubeelzebub) in tow, the site became Television Without Pity, to which staffers posted snark-laden recaps of House, Heroes, Doctor Who, and Grey’s Anatomy, among many others. Bravo’s acquisition of the site in 2007 was perceived as having muffled the site’s voice while also diffusing its focus, as Television Without Pity expanded into movie reviews and interviews. But even after the site was shuttered in 2014, the archives remained online for readers nostalgic for Tyra Banks’ signature tirades on America’s Next Top Model.