After a decade marred by death, disaster and stabs at commercial relevance, director Terry Gilliam finally seems to be back in fine, weird form with The Zero Theorem, which showcases the director's trademark mix of philosophical searching and hallucinatory visuals. Christoph Waltz stars as a troubled mathematician recruited to solve a baffling theorem that promises to reveal no less than the meaning of life, as his reclusive character navigates an eye-popping futuristic city. French actress Mélanie Thierry, whom American audiences saw in The Legend Of 1900, romances Waltz in what may or may not be only a hallucination. Meanwhile, David Thewlis—whom you know either as the star of Naked, or as Professor Lupin from Harry Potter—brings Waltz in to solve the theorem. Whatever it all means, it looks like another worthwhile addition to the Gilliam canon.