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The Avengers get some new toys in Infinity War's Super Bowl spot

The Black Panther may have popped up in a cool car commercial already, but the Avengers themselves weren’t going to sit out this trailer-packed Super Bowl. Marvel dropped a surprise teaser during tonight’s Big Game, and while it’s not as epic as the first trailer, it does show off more of the Avengers hanging out with new friends (Spidey and Doctor Strange! Thor and the Guardians!) as well as Cap getting a new Wakandan replacement for his old shield. We’re not totally sure what that replacement is, but it looks cool.

Thanos even stops by to give the heroes a little death glare, just to remind you that he’s a bad guy and that—like all bad guys—he’s frustrated that the Patriots are losing.


Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters on May 4.

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