Japanese game shows are the closest thing we have to live-action cartoons. Contestants are like the paper snakes inside those joke-store nut cans: Coiled and focused before detonating into a kaleidoscopic pinwheel of pandemonium.

Just look at the above show, Slippery Stairs, which is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Players doused in oil try to climb up a set of stairs coated in a similarly slick substance, only to tumble backwards, wetly smack into their opponents, and spiral their flailing mass of limbs to the floor. The action itself isn’t too much unlike something you’d have seen on Wild & Crazy Kids, but the game is made all the more crazy by everything surrounding it.


There’s the music and sound effects, for one: a cacophony of silly classical and cartoony boinks and splats that sound every time bodies crash together. There’s also the crowd, which is filled with young, shockingly beautiful people that couldn’t be enjoying this more. And there’s the bold primary colors of their outfits, which can’t help but summon memories of our favorite game show, Supermarket Sweep.

Don’t reboot it, NBC. Just air it as-is. This must be maintained.

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