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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The Bourne Legacy

Skeptics may have wondered whether it’s wise—or logically sound—to make a Bourne movie without, you know, a Bourne. So right up front, this trailer for the first Bourne-less Bourne movie addresses those concerns: “Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg.” So, that’s all settled then. The spinoff directed by franchise writer Tony Gilroy looks past its Matt Damon surface to the hard, frozen chunks of Jeremy Renner beneath, as the latter assumes the mantle of the series by surrendering his own identity to the mysterious “program,” which mostly involves breaking people’s limbs and blowing stuff up. And by the admittedly obscured looks of things, Renner seems perfectly at ease—by which we mean, characteristically grim-faced and tormented—with his duties, and he’s certainly got a worthy foe in a typically shady Edward Norton, who will assuredly double-cross someone at some point, as that is Edward Norton’s thing. Provided diehard fans can accept a Bourne movie as a basic delivery system for shadow government intrigue and hand-to-hand combat scenes, Bourne Legacy should keep that iceberg afloat.


Apple also has the trailer in HD here.

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