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The Call Is Coming From Inside The Cell Phone

As 2008 slowly circles the drain, it's only natural to start wondering what 2009 holds for us. More specifically, will 2009 be the year that our cell phones finally turn against us? Judging by the trailer below, which I'm pretty sure is a documentary from the future sent back in time to warn us (you can tell by the super-futuristic, high-tech beeps and boops at the beginning), the answer is yes. In 2009, cell phones are like really vindictive genies.


Cell phones: Who knows what they want? It's like one minute they're all, "Collect your jackpot," "Engage in sexual relations with that woman," "Bet all." And then the next minute they're all, "If you turn me off, I'll kill you." You just can't please them. Cell phones be obtusely conspirin'.


On another note, how did it take this long to get an evil cell phone movie? Not even Zack Morris in 1990 was afraid of cell phones.

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