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(Photo: The CW, Bettina Strauss)

Depending on how much you like superhero shows, musicals, quirky undead people, telenovela satires, handsome redheaded teens, and ghost-fighting brothers, there’s a very good chance that The CW already controls most of your TV watching on weekdays. Unfortunately, the network’s bottomless hunger is now calling out for more of your TV time, so The CW has decided to expand its lineup into Sunday nights. That’s according to Variety, which says The CW’s new primetime Sunday night programming will begin in the fall and that the move is a “vote of confidence” from network owners Warner Bros. and CBS as well as its affiliates—which will have to give up a solid evening of Anger Management reruns or whatever your local CW network airs on Sundays.

The CW had a Sunday lineup back in 2006 when it first launched, but it struggled to fill that time with anything that could compete with the bigger networks in those pre-Arrow days. By 2009, it had handed the day over to the affiliates. These days, though, The CW is doing well enough to justify a few more hours of programming each week, and so Variety says this move is coming with an “uptick in development” to fill the extra time.


The network has already ordered eight pilots for the 2018-2019 TV season, not counting a planned Supernatural spin-off, so it should have plenty of different Greg Berlanti shows to choose from for this new Sunday block. Maybe he could produce a sexy update of Garfield next?

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