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Opening with the cruel tease of a Martin Scorsese title card, a Robert De Niro voiceover, and a Rolling Stones soundtrack—only to immediately rip them all away with the gunshot equivalent of a record scratch—this trailer will naturally provoke some knee-jerk aversion. After all, by now De Niro’s spent nearly more time winking at his mob movie persona than actually inhabiting it, and at first, The Family looks like yet another spin on that old comedy trope.

But by the time De Niro’s still-married-to-the-mob wife Michelle Pfeiffer calmly blows up a grocery store for mocking her French, and his daughter (Glee’s Dianna Agron) violently assaults a guy for getting too handsy, it seems pretty clear this will be much darker comedic fare than your average Analyze This. Director Luc Besson adds his Professional sense of kinetic action and stoic cool, and De Niro similarly, gratefully underplays the role of a former made man who gets to live the rest of his life like a schnook, under the equally frowning gaze of FBI handler Tommy Lee Jones. (It's like My Blue Heaven with more savage beatings.) At long last, The Family might well be the happy medium between gangster De Niro and "gangster" De Niro.


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