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Jughead’s a weirdo, okay? (Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

As you may have read on this very site last week, The A.V. Club has launched a brand new Riverdale recap podcast, Dial M For Maple. While the show’s second season doesn’t kick off until this Wednesday, October 11, we’re easing into Riverdale mania—and Dial M For Maple’s very existence—with a look back at the show’s stellar first season. “We Had Many Milkshakes That Night” is our first official Dial M For Maple episode, and it’s available now everywhere you get your podcasts.

We’ll be back with a second episode later this week, recapping everything we see, hear, and wish we saw and heard on Riverdale’s season premiere. To make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to Dial M For Maple. Here’s the link to do it on Apple Podcasts. If you want to scream at us about anything, from Archie’s abs to whether Veronica’s eyebrows are too close together, we’ll be checking #DialMForMaple on Twitter. Hopefully we can make the torturous wait between Riverdale episodes just a little easier.


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