The Mooch and POD's singer are also readily available to help you break up with your boyfriend on Cameo

The Mooch and POD's singer are also readily available to help you break up with your boyfriend on Cameo
Photo: Left: Matt Winkelmeyer/ Right: Scott Dudelson

Cameo is an app that fulfills celebrity-centric dreams as specific as having Game Of Thrones’ Night King say “hello” to a friend or To Catch A Predator’s Chris Hansen call your loved ones pedophiles. It’s a service limited only by a user’s imagination and the willingness, never in short-supply, of actors, musicians, and media personalities to accept a bit of cash for turning themselves into fleshy teleprompters. The entire thing is fundamentally bizarre enough that yesterday, when we saw a video of Mark McGrath being commissioned to send a Cameo break-up message to a long-distance boyfriend, we had pretty even odds on guessing whether the clip was a prank or a completely legitimate end to a relationship.

As made clear through a Rolling Stone article, a tweet from the guy behind it, and two more videos of the same script being read—now by Anthony Scaramucci and POD singer Sonny Sandoval—McGrath’s message was one third of a really good joke by @SeanAppalled.

The video above shows former White House Communications Director and current D-list reality show call-up Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci passing on the news, yet again, that Bradyn’s girlfriend just can’t make their long-distance relationship work any longer. Unlike McGrath, who seems initially torn about reading the request and ultimately ends up infusing the message with a more universal message of hope, Scaramucci plows ahead seemingly undeterred. His children crying in the background and his wife reminding him that she had asked him for a divorce in the past, he says Bradyn can get through this tough time if he only remembers how difficult it was for him, The Mooch, to withstand when he got “his ass shot up at the White House and blown to pieces.”

Presumably desperate to one-up the absurdity of sending this message through McGrath and Scaramucci, @SeanAppalled also commissioned POD’s Sonny Sandoval to complete the trifecta. The result, which sees Sandoval pointing a camera upward to frame his face against the base of the Eiffel Tower, wasn’t released on Twitter “because it was ‘extremely fucking awkward.’” Instead, you can go watch it on Rolling Stone, knowing that Sandoval is there for heartbroken fans and willing to invite them to “come hang out” if POD is rocking their city in the future.

These videos might be a prank, sure, but knowing that doesn’t diminish the fact that we live in a world where it’s possible to have McGrath, Scaramucci, or Sandoval break up with someone for you—or that, right this moment, you can hire Tom Arnold, Heidi Montag, Dog The Bounty Hunter, or Solid Snake pass along birthday wishes, congratulations on new jobs, or, in the best value for your dollar, take responsibility for telling the kids that grandma or grandpa died last night.

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