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The new season of Silicon Valley invites you to join the “three comma club”

Photo: Alex McLevy

HBO’s tech-snark comedy Silicon Valley is entering its fifth, recently T.J. Miller-freed season, and the pay-cable giant is using South By Southwest to entice fans with the illusion of massive monetary success. (Just like the show’s characters, really.) HBO has converted a house at SXSW to mimic several scenes from the show, including a Hooli cubicle, Gilfoyle’s garage space, and a literal “three comma club” throne, where you can experience the vicarious thrill of potential wealth by shooting fake dollar bills out of a gold-painted gun.

Photo: Alex McLevy
Photo: Alex McLevy

For those interested in an even less-tangible expression of stupidly massive amounts of money, meanwhile, HBO’s also offering a VR game that allows you to traverse the house, punching the walls, hitting a bong, and generally indulging in a bunch of silly nonsense. It’s great fun, and the sort of thing HBO should consider taking on the road. Until then, though, take heart in knowing Richard and his fellow underdogs will return soon, when the show returns for its fifth season on March 25.

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