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The new Star Trek Beyond trailer boldly debuts a new Rihanna song

In the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, The Beastie Boys are out and Rihanna is in. The first trailer for the franchise film really leaned into James T. Kirk’s love of “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys, while the second calmed things down a bit with a more somber, more dramatic, less-“Sabotage” vibe. The third official trailer released by Paramount Pictures doesn’t necessarily reveal any new information or footage—in fact, it even recycles some shots from 2009’s Star Trek—but it brings something else very important to the universe: a new Rihanna single.


Kicking in about halfway through the new trailer, Rihanna delivers a ballad co-written by Sia, and it’s emotional and haunting as hell. “I’m bracing for the pain, and I am letting go,” she starts. The phrase “I hit a wall” gets repeated a bunch, too. The full version of the song, which is available now on Spotify and will be featured in the film, also includes a line about a swimming pool of tears. In other words, the bouncy, carefree vibe of that first trailer seems to be very misleading: Star Trek Beyond, which was directed by Justin Lin, is going to be an emotional rollercoaster, if this song is any indication. Hey, at least it’s not nearly as overbearing as “Sabotage” is in that first trailer. Whoever’s cutting these trailers must have found some chill.

Star Trek Beyond opens on July 22.