Written and directed by Mahmut Akay, the darkly funny Close Shave centers on an extremely down-and-out Logan just trying to spruce himself up a bit after listening to a bit of motivational tape advice voiced by Chicken Run and Absolutely FabulousJulia Sawalha. Unfortunately, as he is wont to do, he suddenly finds himself staring down a bunch of prejudiced, privileged asshats (who hasn’t these days?), forcing Wolverine to do what Wolverine does best.


As we said, it’s a very fun 10 minutes of Logan content, all set to a retro Italo synth track from Jonas H. Larson. And speaking of the title character, we are seriously impressed by veteran background tough-guy actor,Cameron Jack, who came out of nowhere to officially solidify himself as the Wild Card pick in our “Inevitable Hugh Jackman Replacement” pool. Like, c’mon, we’re already halfway there with his name, alone.

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