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If Ocean's 11-13 taught us anything, it's that nothing is more fun than when a bunch of stereotypes get together and pull off a heist. But what if those stereotypes were all women–well, two women and the husk of Katie Holmes? That would increase the fun to "Lady Marmalade" levels!

But Mad Money is a notable cinematic achievement not only for its heisty, two-dimensional-character-filled fun quotient, but for bringing back that great chick flick mainstay: the Sisterhood Joy Dance. Like pillowfights, The Sisterhood Joy Dance is something that women in movies do when they're so bursting with empowerment that it just propels them to dance around the room with their friends in a celebratory manner for an extended period of time. (See: Practical Magic.) Props (like bundles of cash) are often used. It's very similar to those dances that bees do to communicate the location of flowers, except the message they're dance-saying is, "Woo! Look, ladies! Fun over here!"

Apparently, "the creator of Thelma & Louise" drove right off that cliff and landed right in the middle of Ocean's 15: Girls Night Out.

Still, isn't it great to see that, despite the dead eyes, Katie Holmes can play Kate Hudson pretty well?


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