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The Simpsons and sexual metaphors this week on The A.V. Club

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New this week
After years of complaints, we bent to the public will and began covering notable web series and short-form TV in 15 Minutes Or Less. First up, Issa Rae, whose Awkward Black Girl series has been successful enough to earn her an ABC pickup for her new pilot, I Hate L.A. Dudes.


We also had a yen to know what our readers are reading, so we started a new monthly AVQ&A about the our most recent reads. Tasha Robinson, Keith Phipps, and Josh Modell start us off.

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What are we arguing about this week
In what may be the least surprising entry to ever grace this section, Kyle Ryan’s 10 Episodes on The Simpsons is our most commented-on article this week. We only read the first thousand comments, but the gist seems to be that Kyle forgot all of the greatest episodes. Please leave your suggestions for why the list is invalid in the comments. We promise to treat all suggestions with equal weight.

This weekend
See: There weren’t a ton of notable new films this week, so if Killing Them Softly’s “instant-classic” robbery scene doesn’t get you out of the house, maybe stay in and catch up with Nicolas Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans.
Read: The Adventure Time comic had its best issue yet and Laina Dawes published her memoir What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life And Liberation In Heavy Metal. Or you can read about Penn Jillette’s many opinions.
Listen to: We can’t in good conscience tell you to listen to Kid Rock’s new album, but we did review great older records from Metz and Angel Haze.
Laugh at: Maria Bamford's excellent, raw, The Special Special Special allows viewers into her home.
Watch: Liz Lemon got married on 30 Rock, and it was great. Whitney Cummings also has (yet another) new show, and while it’s not great, it is much better than we expected.

The A.V. Club in your town
New York, Austin, Arlington, VA, and Denver, the New Cult Canon tour is coming to you next. Come drink free Mike’s Hard Lemonade and watch Bad Santa or Black Christmas. Denver and Austin will even get a post-show Q&A with Black Christmas actress Margot Kidder. To buy tickets and see if the tour is coming to your town, check out our website for the tour.