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The time has come for Silicon Valley to disrupt "bowls"

Silicon Valley is out of control. Remember the Juicero? Christ, remember Smalt? HBO’s Silicon Valley has given us some relief by both satirizing this bullshit and actually giving us an app that can only identify hot dogs, but the weight of this stupidity can’t simply rest on Mike Judge’s shoulders alone, especially considering we’re between seasons.

Thankfully, CollegeHumor is here to fill the gap with an ad for a bowl startup called Oyster & Toot. “Human beings have a wonderful tradition of food and feeding each other and sharing. That’s what bowls are about,” says inventor and spokesman Bobby Moynihan. Moynihan, by the way, is playing himself (“I started a bowl company after acting for years,” he claims soberly).


By creating “complete vertical bowl integration,” Moynihan has taken the “guesswork” out of bowl shopping. But this wouldn’t be a modern startup if it weren’t also a lifestyle brand, so you can bet that they’ve found a way to make its message about unity while also incorporating a charity component. All innovation must serve a grander purpose, after all.

This video’s grander purpose? Dissuading the guy who’s currently crafting this thing for real in his college dorm room.

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