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The true winner of the Golden Globes was Jason Sudeikis’ hoodie

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Screenshot: NBC

There’s a lot to discuss about last night’s Golden Globes. There were two awkward Zoom muting situations, Ben Stiller ate Golden Globe-shaped banana bread onstage for whatever reason, and many celebrities used their time onstage to call out the HFPA for not having any Black members. But the one thing that nobody can stop talking about is the true star of the whole show: Jason Sudeikis’ sweatshirt.


For those who were spared from watching last night, Sudeikis tuned in wearing a tie-dyed hoodie and may or may not have taken an edible right before the ceremony. When he won Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical, or Comedy for Ted Lasso, Sudeikis appeared as if he had no idea what was going on. For a couple of minutes, he turned the Golden Globes into the most watchable awards show with his absolutely wild speech, looking confused as hell through the whole thing:

“That’s nuts. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I mean, this is, for me, the coolest thing that a group of… you know… like, that’s nuts. Especially—that’s crazy. Okay. Alright. Wow. Uh… well, here’s what I’ll say. I’ll say this: I want to thank everybody that works on this show. I read this book to my son, Otis, called The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy. It has these three questions. “When’s the best time to do things?”What’s the right thing to do?” And then “Who’s the most important one?” That last question, “Who’s the most important one?,” is whoever the person you’re with. So I kind of reject the premise of being the Best Actor because, in my humble opinion, the best actor is the person you’re acting with. So I want to give this shoutout to all the people I get to act with on this show, cause they’re incredible. Do they make me the best? No. But I know for a fact that they make me better. Better than I am, better than I thought I could be. Better than… you know.”

The other nominees were absolutely losing it (Ramy Youssef was particularly amused) and Don Cheadle even made a gesture for Sudeikis to wrap it up. But as painful as it was to watch that speech, clearly the “possibly high as hell at the Golden Globes, giving zero fucks” moment left a big impression on audiences. The hoodie became the most coveted fashion item from the Globes, selling out last night. And this is no regular hoodie—it actually costs $110. Sudeikis has been photographed in this sweatshirt before, and it’s actually merch from his sister Kristin’s dance studio, FORWARD__Space. Now we just need for Sudeikis to show up to every awards show wearing it.