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The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are finally crossing over

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Fear The Walking Dead, which wraps up its third season this coming Sunday, has struggled to get out from under the shadow of its far more popular progenitor. Another way of putting it: “So, is anyone we care about going to show up on Fear The Walking Dead?” Nicholas wouldn’t count, is what we’re saying.

But now we know that someone is showing up somewhere, as confirmed by creator Robert Kirkman during The Walking Dead’s New York Comic-Con panel over the weekend, according to Deadline. “There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name,” Kirkman said, thereby ensuring excitement about the possibility that someone we recognize who has been on one of the shows will turn up on the other show at some point, which is the hat trick of ambiguous announcements. Kirkman did say the crossover is expected to happen sometime in the next year, saying this is “a huge event” in the shared universe.


That “huge event” phrasing leads us to make the not-at-all baseless speculation that a character who died on The Walking Dead will be resurrected on Fear The Walking Dead’s earlier timeline, possibly as a way of providing both some fan service and trying to steer additional eyeballs to the lower-rated sister show. Maybe a season-long arc showing how Jadis gave up her promising career as a trash compactor on the West Coast to become boss of Garbage World and the Scavengers? That would be in keeping with Fear The Walking Dead’s general attitude of, “What the hell, we’ll try anything.”

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