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The We And The I

After tackling the big-budget superhero film The Green Hornet on his last outing, Michel Gondry gave himself a much, much smaller sandbox to play in on The We And The I. As seen in this trailer (released just ahead of its Cannes premiere), Gondry's newest film takes place almost squarely within the confines of a bus, cramming the viewer in alongside a rowdy group of Bronx high-schoolers as they celebrate the last day of school by yelling obnoxious things at each other and occasionally reaching minor epiphanies. "Ah, so it's a film about hell," you might say—but no, while there have been rumors that the movie makes a detour into sci-fi territory, either that plotline has been totally abandoned or this preview goes out of its way to avoid ruining them, because it appears to be a totally natural, straightforward movie driven entirely by rambling conversation. Not exactly what you would expect from Michel Gondry, in other words—though more and more lately, that seems to be the point.


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