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The week is over, so here are some photos of Japanese mascots getting stuck in shit

Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro is sweet and magical, a marvel of emotion and animation for adults and children alike. You’d be forgiven, however, for spending the chunk of your viewing experience wondering how the hell Totoro’s rotund frame isn’t constantly getting jammed between trees and turnstiles.

Well, that’s a reality faced by whoever it is donning the Totoro costumes you’ll see stumbling through the streets of Japan, all of which are decidedly puffy. And whether you’re dressed up as Pikachu, Barii-san, or just a big-ass panda bear, you’re bound to find yourself wedged in some way or another. Japan’s use of space, after all, is decidedly efficient.

Below, thanks to some genius on Imgur, enjoy the disconnect that comes with seeing some of the world’s most adorable creatures utterly fail at existing in the real world.


And here is another one.

You’d think they’d teach you how to avoid situations like this at mascot school.

[via The Poke]


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