This Week In Terrifying Hybrids 1. John Krasinski + Mandy Moore + Robin Williams = A movie that should be called Nevermind, Just Avoid This

Behold the awesome ruining power of Robin Williams! Granted, this movie about an engaged couple who have to endure the wacky whims of a wacky reverend in order to get married in his church didn't sound very good to begin with, but there was a small, shining chance that it wouldn't be so bad. After all, John Krasinski is funny. Mandy Moore is pretty likeable. But then Robin Williams crawled into bed between them, effectively toppling the small tower of hope that was


License To Wed. Short of the words "directed by Michael Bay," is there any bigger, redder red flag for any movie than the presence of Robin Williams? At best this poster creates confusion (What is John Krasinski doing so close to Dr. Patch Adams? Is this a joke?), at worst it creates panic (Oh God. Robin Williams is going to have to promote this thing. On several talk shows. With several voices.) 2. The Real World: Las Vegas + 5 Years + Reality TV's idea deficit = Reunited: The Real World


The Hollywood Reporter:

"Reunited: The Real World" will reunite the original cast of "The Real World: Las Vegas" in their former home — the "Real World" suite at the Palms Casino Resort — to see what has happened in the five years since the seven cast members lived together and to document what happens when they reunite.


That's right, MTV is taking seven one-time strangers, making them live together in a casino (again) and having their lives taped (again) to find out what happens when people who used to be on a reality show together are on the same reality show together again five years later! In short, MTV is trying to create the television equivalent of a black hole lined with Jacuzzi jets. 3. Hairspray the movie + Hairspray the Broadway musical + John Travolta - Any lessons learned from The Producers movie musical = Hairspray

I guess this means that "Enjoyable Movie Turned Musical Turned Horrible Movie Musical" is officially a genre. Look for the new, infinitely more pink Legally Blonde musical movie in a few years. John Travolta's lady voice notwithstanding, re-making a movie with a bigger budget, more songs, and a shinier, hammier cast just feels creepy. The overall effect is like watching a high-budget crime re-enactment set to music.