1. The 2008 presidential election + footwear + the misguided notion that people should wear their chosen candidates anywhere they can = ElectionFlops

As if the t-shirts and stickers and onesies weren't enough to show your support, now you can demonstrate your choice of candidate by wearing a cluster of tiny foam McCain or Obama heads as close to the ground as possible. This looks like some kind of terrible patriotic fungal growth.

Nothing you could wear will anger passersby more efficiently than this aggressive display of awful political whimsy. Are those tiny Obama and McCain heads trembling because you're walking, or because of the waves of shaking rage directed towards you by everyone who notices your ElectionFlops?

2. The ideas that Jackass would deem "too stupid" + Fart Spray - Johnny Knoxville & Co + Fuse = Rad Girls

Oh, man! That was hilarious. A whoopie cushion and fart spray in an elevator? So good. Classic Rad Girls. I wish the Girlz took suggestions, because I just found these totally realistic-looking rubber cockroaches, and there is so much potential for TV prankery with those. The Girlz could open a restaurant, say, and before they serve the food to the customers, they could put the rubber roaches on the plates! (While giggling uncontrollably, of course, which is the Girls' trademark.) Then the customers would be all, "Someone put a rubber cockroach on my plate," and the girls would laugh uncontrollably and shout, "You've just been Radded!" That prank alone could be two episodes.

Of course, maybe it's not the Girls' fault that they have to buy all of their pranks from the "Hilarity" section of a magic shop only frequented by 3rd graders. Buying a gag like Fart Spray probably eats up half of their Fuse budget.

3. Wii + People who will license their image for anything + Bobble-head doll anatomy = Celebrity Sports Showdown


The audience for this game is baffling to me. It's either extreme Nelly Furtado fans who also happen to love Wii Skiiing and giving digital representations of Keith Urban their one-uppances. Or it's rabid fans of the word "Celebrity," even when that word just means "Leanne Rimes." I hope EA Games also convinced Emmy Rossum to license her image for this!

Still, this game is definitive proof that Keith Urban is actually Chris Gaines. So, it's not totally useless.